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[ 1 Sep 2009 | One Comment | 4,484 views | Print This Post | Email This Post ]
G-Shock x LRG DW-6900 2009

The LRG x G-Shock DW-6900 is a great collaborative project we all can appreciate from these two culture icons. Its a bright yellow timepiece and has “RESEARCH” written over the bottom band. The LRG signature white and green are accented on the dial face.Their previous collab was a matte Obama-blue DW-6900 that sold out quickly and the same is expect from this one as well. Will be released soon, so heads up.

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[ 1 Sep 2009 | 2 Comments | 11,672 views | Print This Post | Email This Post ]
Nike Dunk Hi AC TZ

Nike Dunks have become a staple in the streetwear culture. A way to identify one’s individuality or simply to seperate yourself from the rest out there. This week Nike is releasing the Hi AC TZ to add to any sneakheads collection. This sneaker comes in a simple design for those who prefer to keep it low profile. If you noticed, the outsole is contructed differently to go along with that fresh canvas upper Black and Grey colorways. The Nike Dunk Hi AC TZ will be out September 5th at select retailers. …

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[ 25 Aug 2009 | Comments Off | 6,004 views | Print This Post | Email This Post ]
Karmaloop: KarmaSwap Launched

KARMASWAP.com has launched!!! Yes the rumors are true and it has finally
arrived…and just in time!
TURN your Kicks, Gear, Art, Gadgets, Toys, Skate Decks whatever is clever in
big $$$
The eagle has landed and that is one bad eagle…it is the first
swap-re-seller site for the Global Concrete Culture!
Open a Karmaswap sellers account sell your shzzzzzzt and turn it into cash
to buy new shzzzzt, keep the money flowing, flip that bread, change your
wardrobe up and just keep building and turning!!!!!
Also if you are starting your own …

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[ 15 Aug 2009 | Comments Off | 3,673 views | Print This Post | Email This Post ]
Play Cloths Fall 2009 Collection

Well, for those of you that didn’t know, Clipse started their own streetwar label called Play Cloths. They have a new fall 2009 line-up that I think will solidify their place in the streetwear culture. WIth this season they added some new pieces and colorways say Christmas with a sofe grey undertone. They have everything in this fall line-up from v-necks, polos, button-ups, fitted cap and some nice graphic tees. So, look out for this to drop sometime by the end of August.
All Photos by: L.A. Ruano

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[ 9 Aug 2009 | 5 Comments | 10,689 views | Print This Post | Email This Post ]
Streetwear: Sean McKenzie x UpScene

On wednesday i got a call from Sean McKenzie to show me his second season of UpScene. Sean founded the clothing line and launched his brand to the massesin 2008 selling to boutiques in New York. “One of the first places i got to sell my pieces was in a art gallery which was funny” he explained. he believes that much of his brand, that they are art pieces. his designs are really proof of his work to bring a product that reflects the people that wears it.
UpScene is basically …

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[ 3 Aug 2009 | Comments Off | 3,698 views | Print This Post | Email This Post ]
Streetwear: Death to Frauds (D.T.F.)

Today my cousin came over and wanted to go online and buy himself
some “gucci jordans”? i can not allow that shit to happen. i mean, who wants to spend their hard earned money on fraudulant sneakers for the sake of being fashionable.  this is one of the missteps that has occured in the culture of streetwear. since day one, sneakers are the
number one item to compliment and complete the style of anyone and everyone.  so I asked my cousin “what the fuck are you thinking?”.
“only a clown would believe wrapping …