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Supreme x John Coltrane T-Shirts

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I’m not going to tell you to go cop this shirt cause it has Supreme’s name on it. No, that would make me a hypocrite. Nor am i going to make an idiot out of you by writing a short piece about all the numerous acalades of one Mr. John Coltrane. I strongly believe that if you don’t know something about the music behind the individual in the shirt that you are about to purchase, DON”T BUY IT(posers! lol). I like Supreme and the numerous series they have dropped in the past and thats the only reason I’m going to rock this shit. The shirts feature the Great Jazz Musician in numerous designs and colorways honoring this true musical icon.These will be released on October 22nd in store as well as online and the Japanese stores will get them on October 24th.


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