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Streetwear: Sean McKenzie x UpScene

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Upcene-logo-_tm_On wednesday i got a call from Sean McKenzie to show me his second season of UpScene. Sean founded the clothing line and launched his brand to the massesin 2008 selling to boutiques in New York. “One of the first places i got to sell my pieces was in a art gallery which was funny” he explained. he believes that much of his brand, that they are art pieces. his designs are really proof of his work to bring a product that reflects the people that wears it.

UpScene is basically what you see. A brand represnting people trying to live above the scene. but Sean goes into great detail to explain the direction that his brand is trying to take by not falling in the box. “I’m building a brand thats not falling in line. Once you’re in the box its hard to climd back out”, he explains while looking over the Aventura area. this Harlem, New York native understands where streetwear came from and incorporates that education and his ideas into the designs you’ll catch below.

one thing he doesn’t want is to people to mistake his designs with the novelty of t-shirts we have been seeing lately. he offers a variety tees and hats with nuetral and bright colorways. Yet Sean sees his brand branching out to different areas of fashion and also streetwear culture. right now the line is available exclusively in New York but he loves the vibe in miami so much that he will branch out here and Cali soon. Visit http://www.upscene.bigcartel.com/ to cop your own piece of the UpScene movement. Sean was a cool New Yorker to me and thats unusaul ( Knicks Vs. Heat 1997-2000 Playoffs). at the end he just says ” i want UpScene to represent that group who are on top of their scene”. i can dig that.








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