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Streetwear: Jetson Aztronauts

19 October 2009 19,149 views 4 Comments Print this Post Print This Post Print this Post Email This Post


Five friends tired Of all the bullshit and the lack Of creativity Other labels, are Offering to bring something new and different to the fashion world. The Jetson Aztronauts are fresh out of Chicago and have a major mission at hand to deliver to the people.

“It’s two different brands With different personalities but based on one guy. Jetson Is A Mordern Day Hippie, but not just in the sense Of smoking marijuana but more Of what they represented. Viewed as outcast in a society that Wouldn’t Accept their views & Opinions they took matters into their own hands and forced the entire world to listen. So, we’ve applied that same attitude to our line.”

The potential for this line is a great thing being this going to be year one.  Make sure you keep an eye out for this line. Their line t-shirts, caps and hoodies with plans to make a lady’s line of the same brand.





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