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This article is hilarious! Ar least here are your tax $$$ at work!

Vandalised … graffiti wall gets its first angry slogan
A BLANK wall built for teenage graffiti artists has been vandalised by an angry resident writing – ”I paid my tax and all I got was this lousy wall”.
The £3,000 6ft high by 30ft long wall was installed so youths could practice their graffiti artwork without using local property.
But ahead of its opening on October 31 the fed-up resident sneaked behind a security fence and daubed a protest about the …

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This is a great article from the Telegraph UK check it out!
Graffiti artists have added a new tool their traditional aerosol cans – knitting needles and a ball of wool.

Knitted bus: Mrs Sayeg said: ‘Luckily I had a small team to help me with the bus but it took a week to do’ Photo: BNPS

Hundreds of knitters around the world have begun wrapping their huge woolly creations around public property like trees, street signs and lampposts.
They then take photos of their colourful “art” and post them on internet sites …

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Our boys at DADE have some bad ass stickers. Check ‘em out:
::::::D.A.D.E. STICKER PACK::::::
11 stickers in the pack: 1 LARGE white bumper sticker ( 3 3/4″ X 15″), 5 rectangular black on white stickers (2″ X 6″), and 5 white on black rectangular stickers (2″ X 6″ ).
Great for cars, bikes, boards, laptops, foreheads, and putting over wack shit!


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Check out this article by our boy Raulyral at D.A.D.E.
I wanted to post this one ’cause I have a new hobby which is taking flicks. Even though I’m not good enough yet to post my pics, I will soon and I also wanted to post this for my boy DAVID from THE UP AND UP blog check it homie…
thank you hypebeast and L.A. Ruano for this article

On January 27th, 2009 The Lomographic Society is opening a Lomography Gallery Store in New York City. The location will feature the biggest and …

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Street wear is a distinctive style of fashion not to be confused with hip hop fashion. Its roots are in skateboarding and the “skatewear” of the 1980s.[1] It was later adopted as an urban fashion in Japan before growing to an international business.[1] An important element to the style is vintage or vintage-style sneakers.[2]

Street wear is youth – it’s a retro 80s look inspired by the sneaker culture and hipsters on New York’s Lower East Side.” But, don’t confuse street wear with Urban fashion – looking like the Fresh Prince …