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Interview: Seeking The Throne

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If you didn’t notice by now, I really don’t do alot industry interviews of such. I prefer bringing you the brands that are in the streets and establishing real a name for themselves. SeekingtheThrone is one such brand, out of L.A.. After a brief call, the crew let me know more than I thought I did. Including, their work with the youth in the area.
MSW> Would you please introduce yourselves to the world?
STT> We are Jose and Elias, Co-Owners of Seeking the Throne. We’re a streetwear clothing company based out of Los Angeles.
MSW>  Your brand name and logo are both very unique. Could you please fill us in more for those
that don’t know?
STT>Well, the name “Seeking the Throne”  reflects those that are out there working towards their dreams and goals.  Whatever it is in life that you’re trying to accomplish, you are always looking to be on top. No one wants to be second best at what their doing and that’s how the name was born, we’re also trying to be on top.  Our logo is very different. We wanted to create something that was completely apart from what everyone else was doing and I think that we’ve accomplished that.
MSW> I understand you guys have plenty inspirations including some major brands. Why are the kids
such a big focus for Seeking the Throne as a brand?
STT> Well, kids are the future there’s no doubt about that.  We want to try and encourage kids to go for their goals in life rather than just settling for the regular 9-5 j.o.b.(JUST OVER BROKE). We don’t really have a set age that we want to target, we want anyone and everyone to be able to wear our brand. I think that its more important for us to just market our brand and let it evolve and grow organically rather than pushing for a certain market or genre.
MSW> How are you generating buzz in the streets of L.A. for Seeking the Throne?
STT>We started by going to Art shows around the LA area and blogging about them and that’s where most of or traffic came from in the beginning. We still attend Art shows, but now we’re also just hitting the streets and talking to regular kids. Something that has really helped us along the way has been Twitter.  We started our twitter page @seekingthethrne roughly 3-4 months before we even released anything and the amount of support from everyone was amazing.  We are very grateful for everyone that has supported us since the beginning.
MSW> What do you have in the works down the line for your Seeking the Throne followers?
STT> We want to expand the brand with some cut and  sew products, as well as more head wear & accessories.  We’re also trying to work with galleries and stores to hold events to show everyone that we appreciate all of their support. Other than that , we’re just trying to come up with more designs for future seasons.
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