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Is anybody else out there tired of glittered up t-shirts being called streetwear other than me? I’m not tryin to knock anyone’s style here but that shit is not street. I say this because I understand the history of streetwear but also realize where the genre is going these days. For those that don’t know, it all began in the late 1970s and early 1980s with the introduction punk and hip-hop. Both of these musical styles embraced a do-it-yourself ethic brought about by the mainstreams refusal to except them and both styles had strong roots within the skate and surf scenes.

Most of the influence of the culture came from the streets. Anything from graffiti, political and social issues would inspire the early pioneer of the genre to drop the dopest design on a t-shirt or jacket while throwing the finger to mainstream fashion for their lack of embrace of the style. These days we inspire mainstream. But I don’t remember a bag of bedazzles or glitter alongside aerosol cans, fat caps and markers that would inspire the fashion. Some brands have stayed true to the style since day one.

Streetwear has evolved, like anything else with a great following. The same color ways exist as well the political puns and crazy ass humor. I mean whoever thought of using photoshop to remove a cock and putting a sneaker in a chick’s mouth is a genius to me. But when you start labeling certain brands chic, that’s when I know someone took a wrong turn somewhere. Someone, somewhere, sold out and stole a bag of glitter from their kids then splashed that shit on a shirt and called it street. Again, I’m not knockin anyone’s style of dress, but would you call an airplane strapped with a rocket pack a spaceship? That’s my 2 cents.

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