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CreateASkate: Build Your Own Skateboard while at ASR

24 January 2009 312,527 views One Comment Print this Post Print This Post Print this Post Email This Post

http://www.bonza.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/08/skateboard_art.jpgLearn how to put the special into specialty retail while creating your very own board! This 2 hour program will start with IASC’s SkateTech curriculum where you will learn how to make a skateboard Ollie higher or further for the customer based on your product recommendations.  If selected for the program, please feel free to bring your skateboard so you can build a new one based on the differences you will learn in the SkateTech Program. This SkateTech portion of the class is 1 hour. Paul Schmitt will then share with you his CreateAskate educational curriculum on the show floor of ASR September 2008. The goal of CreateAskate at ASR is to educate you on how to attract new customers to skateboarding, and increase your awareness on how to implement programs in our store that provide parents and teachers with a positive outlook on skateboarding. You will spend 1 to 2 hours making your own board through the CreateAskate curriculum on the show floor.

Space is limited so please send an e-mail to info@CreateAskate.org with the name of one staff member per shop, along with their height.  You will be contacted via e-mail if you are chosen to participate in this special program brought to you by SkateTech and ASR!

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